Kid’s Choir

Leaders: Lisa Valenzuela, Natalie Shriner & Pastor Jason

When: Wednesdays 6-7pm (beginning August 30)

Where: Building G,room 5

Who: Kid’s age 3 (Cubbies age) to 5th grade

Why: It’s important for children to learn to worship and praise God as a pattern for life! It’s also important for the Church to be built up by the passionate and joyful singing these amazing kids!

What: Every Wednesday we learn worship songs (English & Spanish) along with sign language and motions which help communicate the Good News. Every month, during the school year, the Kids have a chance to lead in the main services on Sundays.

Adult Choir

Leaders: Sharlee McCaughey (director), Diana Gibson (pianist)

When: Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm (starting August 22nd)

Where: Building A in choir practice room (enter at door under cross, closest to Scottsdale Rd.)

Who: Youth and adults who have a desire to sing to the Lord as a group.

Why: We are instructed in God’s Word to sing to our Father in heaven! The New Life Choir is a mix of ages, cultures and backgrounds singing as one, learning from one another, and growing closer as a team throughout the year.

What: Once a month, during the school year, the choir offers a special song in both services and also assists in leading the congregation in worship. All are welcome to come who have a heart to sing!

Worship Team

Leaders: Pastor Jason & Jaco Zapata

When: Tuesdays 6:30pm (during summer), 7:30pm (during school year)

Where: Building A in choir practice room (enter at door under cross, closest to Scottsdale Rd.)

Who: Anyone with the desire to play or sing to the Lord is welcome!

Why: As a church we love to display the variety of gifts people have in instrumentation, voice and style – all done to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

What: If interested, please seek out the leaders above as a first step. We’d love to meet and get to know you better to see where you would fit in our team!

Tech Team

Leaders: Pastor Jason & Tyler Cary

When: Serving Sunday morning and occasional Wednesday evening services

Where: Building A (sanctuary) and Building D (chapel)

Who: Anyone with tech. experience and know-how in the area of computers, lighting and/or sound engineering.

Why: Without this important area, our effectiveness would be greatly diminished. We need men and women with servant’s hearts to use their skills in this area and build together as a team.

What: Please contact the leaders above in order to get connected to this vital ministry.