Miguel & Maria

Miguel was born in central Mexico in GuanajuatoAdame-260x260 and moved with his parents and siblings to San Quintin, Baja California where he grew up.

After marrying Maria Luisa they moved to Mexicali where Miguel found a job working for a trucking firm. Through his pastor he was introduced to Missions Door and missionary Ken Holcomb, who asked him to help with a new church plant in a town called Renacimiento where he is presently working.

Maria Luisa received Christ before Miguel, and he was led to Christ by Pastor Andres Agundez. Miguel was baptized in Andres’ church.

After growing spiritually because of attending Bible studies and being discipled by his pastor, Miguel felt called by the Lord to the ministry. He attended a Bible school in Mexicali while ministering in various capacities in his church.

Miguel met and married his wife, Maria Luisa in San Quintin, Baja California. They have two children: Daniel and Yadira.

David & Jerrine

David and Jerrine have been serving in church Berkey editplanting and development with WorldVenture in Caracas, Venezuela since 1992. Their hope is to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ through a vital local church ministry. Currently, David serves as co-pastor of the Confraternidad Cristiana Internacional (CCI) which is located in a nominally Catholic, middle-class, professional area in the southern part of metropolitan Caracas.

Along with pastoring, David has used his training in music to teach and involve young musicians in worship music. Along with being the mother of three energetic girls, Adriana (1992), Laura (1997) and Caroline (1999), Jerrine helps in the weekly Ladies Bible Study and coordinates the children’s Sunday School. Pray for their church to grow in spiritual maturity and strength.

Steve & Darlene

Steve Evers has served as Director of InEvers Touch Mission International since 2003. This organization was founded by Bill & Harriett Bathman in 1981 to “Reach and Serve the Persecuted Church”, mostly in Eastern Europe. More recently, the emphasis has been to locate nationals that are already doing a good work (mainly in Poland, Romania, and South Africa) and come along side to serve, empower and help them with needs they may have. Steve travels to these countries to find out what the needs might be (financial, prayer, short-term help, training, etc.) and then comes back to the states and tries to put people “in touch” with the needs of the national workers. Steve grew up in the Scottsdale Baptist family during his high school years and later he and his wife, Darlene, served with the SBC Jr. High and High School youth.

Darrel & Jean

Darrel and Jean have been serving inHaworth Northeast Brazil for 34 years.

For three terms, approximately 15 years, Darrel and Jean taught music at the “Seminario Batista do Cariri,” in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil. Church planting has been their priority for the past 20 years. For outreach they use Evangelistic Bible studies, audio visuals, English Clubs; and a good group of Bible College students.

Hal & Karen

Hal and Karen Jensen have been discipleJensen makers with The Navigators for over 37 years. Their strategic contribution is to develop key couples for ministry, missions, pastoral assignments, and leadership. Their current assignment with The Navigators is the development of key Native American leadership on the Navajo Nation. They have contacts with many of the Indian tribes in Arizona. Their vision is to build key teams within each of the Indian Nations throughout North America who can spiritually reproduce within their own cultures, clans, and nations. Our passion is to see Isaiah 60:22 become a reality in the lives of men and women…

“The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest
a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in it’s time,
I will do this swiftly.”

Ben & Aleyamma

Ben is committed to reaching international Josephstudents and their families for Jesus Christ. His vision is to train them to reach their own people for Christ, when they return to their home countries. He can minister here in ways that would not be allowed in their home country.

Arizona State University has over 5,000 internationals from 146 different nations. The largest percentage of Ben’s ministry is from India. Ministry among the Hindus is very difficult since Hinduism is not necessarily a religion, but a culture – a way of life.

Friendship evangelism is the method Ben and Aleyamma use. Some of their activities are airport pick-up, help arrange housing, host family programs, table-ministry on Cady Mall, monthly social activities and Bible studies.


Kirt and Debbie Mellberg arrived asMelberg missionaries in Mexico in 1975. Together (until Kirt was promoted to Heaven in March of 2005) they worked with nationals in Tepic, Nayarit, 1,000 miles south of the border on the west coast of Mexico, in evangelizing, discipling believers and establishing churches among Mexicans and Huichols of the state of Nayarit. Debbie is grateful that in spite of her great loss of Kirt, God has given her strength, wisdom and faithful partners as the Lord continues to open exciting ministry opportunities as she works alongside current Mexican and Huichol leadership through encouragement, motivation, teaching, and obtaining and administrating resources with the most loving and caring body of believers in Mexico.

Kirk & Sandlin

The Poths plan on focusing on church planting, Pothevangelism, discipleship, leadership development and theological training.

Ireland is a young country with a booming economy. The Irish people are family oriented, social and greatly influenced by Catholic traditions. A divided country and ongoing violence involving religious beliefs have taken a toll on the people in Ireland. In addition, a cloud of secular, postmodern darkness has begun to spread from continental Europe. Many are lost in atheism, materialism, New Age beliefs and indifference to sin. Yet, there is a hunger for lasting peace.

Brent & Chris

continue to provide overall leadership for churchRalston Family Picture, 2014 planting work in the central part of the Philippines, known as the Central & Eastern Visayas, as they seek to develop a church planting movement across seven major islands.

Brent provides mentoring relationships to many of the 50 Filipino pastors and church planters who are their co-workers. This includes training conferences, frequent onsite visits, coordinating short term American teams to come and help in the churches, and helping the church planters develop income-generating projects so that they can be partially self-supporting. Chris continues to have a heavy involvement in a variety of ministries at New Life Community Church in Mandaue City. She has a ministry to the wives of the pastors and church planters through encouragement, fellowship and training.

Lupe & Minerva

Amazing Grace Mission was started by JamesSalcido Gardner to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through interaction with the lost at market places, fairs and other events. Lupe and Minerva travel to fairs and farms shows throughout California, Colorado, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico and Juarez, Mexico, witnessing and sharing the Gospel.

“Our goal is to introduce this work to churches and eventually allow them to take over the fairs in their area.”
Matt 28:19-20…John 4:35…Proverbs 11:30

Gary & Laurie

Gary and Laurie have been in Rwanda sinceScheer 1979 and have seen their Ministry change through the years. In 1994, the country was plunged into civil war. All missionaries had to leave the country. When it became safe, Gary and Laurie returned to Rwanda and are again serving in leadership training.

Their work in leadership training includes a number of evangelical groups in Rwanda. There are two tracks to their ministry: Saturday classes for lay leaders with jobs and Four intensive courses a year for pastors.

David & Donna

David and Donna Shaver are missionary servantsShaver to the missionaries. David’s service as an assistant director and multi-discipline teacher in the Oaxaca Christian School (OCS) ministry enables the 50+ children’s parents to do what God has called them to do…translate and evangelize.

Donna helps by teaching, supporting, organizing, transporting and utilizing her RN nursing skill as needed. They are enabling tens of thousands of native tribe members to hear the gospel and in time, read God’s word in their own language.

Greg & Vicki

One billion people do not have access to potable stoutswater. Many of these same people are existing without the hope offered by Jesus Christ. Drinking water and Living Water.

Greg and Vicki Stout founded Safe Water International Ministries (S.W.I.M.) in 2004 as a way to bring these two types of water to those in need. S.W.I.M. uses a hand-held Chlorine Producing Unit as a ministry tool designed to give all people around the world the opportunity for safe water. It is purposely made to be durable, lightweight, inexpensive, and so simple that anyone can use it safely.

Safe Water International Ministries focuses on physical needs first and
then on the spiritual need for faith in Christ. Safe Water International Ministries also distributes Bibles, Sunday school materials, and other evangelistic materials to local churches in the countries in which we serve. We believe in coming alongside the church in order to enable them to better reach their communities for Christ.

Greg and Vickie Stout currently live in Nicaragua where they carry out the mission of S.W.I.M. every day.

Tim & Nida

Tim and Nida Tapang have been plantingTapang Conservative Baptist churches in the Philippines since 1978 as part of the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines. They moved to the island of Negros in 1986 and started Dumaguete Gospel Church. In 1998 they planted Berean Gospel Church which he served until 2005. During this time they planted churches in San Isidro (2003), Pamplona (2004), Ayongon (2005), and Tanjay (2006). Tim and Nida have planted a church in 2007 in Calatrava, Negros. As a church planter Tim and Nida have a big vision for their island and are aggressively planting Bible believing churches throughout Negros Island. As a result, Tim has raised up pastors in each of his church plants which he visits regularly to preach and encourage the members and leaders.

Joaquin & Oneida

Joaquin and Oneida were raised in theVargas Dominican Republic. Joaquin served as a church planter with MTTA in both the Dominican Republic and Mexico from 1986-2002. He is currently the Director of U.S. Latino Ministries. His main responsibility is to lead the new Latino Church planting strategy.


“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe al things that I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:19-20